TSMA Journey


The beginning of TS Maniam & Associates dates back to 1987 when CA. T. Subramaniam started his profession in a small office at Udumalpet, a town in Coimbatore District, Tamilnadu, India.

As a fresh Chartered Accountant with agricultural background, being a first-generation entrant into professional practice, he managed to learn more and more from every assignment he was offered with. He is naturally endowed with the skills of systemising the knowledge into practical processes. With that skill, he could transform individuals (literate or otherwise) into business-savvy entrepreneurs. Many a start-up have grown into full fledged business organisations under his guidance.


The profession then had gained a wider clientele that demanded additional hands to manage. The need paved way for the induction of Mr. R. Senthil Rajagopal, B.Com., A.C.A., thus converting into partnership. Down to earth training has shaped not only the clients but also the staff and partners.


The firm underwent a reorganization with induction of two new partners and also got the new name TS Maniam & Associates.

The Audit firm, operating from Udumalpet, opened Branches at Coimbatore and Tirupur to extend the service locations.

2009 - 2018

The firm adopts a policy of easy entry and exit for co-professionals and always been offering them a position of trust and independence. While the firm thanks with gratitude the professionals who entered into the firm and exited for their support and contributions, the firm offers scope for natural growth by active participation by its policy of grow with the firm.

  • CA.R.Senthil Rajagopal - (From 27.12.1996 to 14.12.2004)
  • CA.K.Kalimuthu - (From 12.06.2000 to 01.04.2015)
  • CA.S.Baranidharan - (From 15.12.2004 to 01.01.2009)
  • CA.N.Annathurai - (From 15.12.2004 to 01.01.2009)
  • CA.K.Vadivazhaki - (From 31.12.2009 to 15.04.2011)
  • CA.N.Ravishankar - (From 15.04.2011 to 31.07.2016)
  • CA.P.Sankar - (From 01.04.2013 to 01.04.2015)
  • CA.R.Kalaichevi - (From 01.04.2015 to 10.07.2018)


The branch at Tirupur was closed.

2018- To date

Presently the Audit firm is rendering services with 3 Chartered Accountants as partners.

CA R. Udhayakumar, hailing from Udumalpet, articled student from the firm - since 2009

CA S.G. Shreenidhi, hailing from Coimbatore - since 2018

The firm has the heritage of training freshers into independent professionals besides growing by itself, proving the strength of the core promoters.